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Bail Bonds 101

Counsel from Your Bail Bond Agent in Osceola County

You may hear the term "bail" all the time. On radio stations and television, reports of bail and bail bonds flood the news. But what does bail really mean? What do bail bonds actually do? For people who are not sure where to start, our Osceola County bail bond agents have provided a simple and informative overview of bail. We will review what bail is, why it is needed, how it works, and where you can find reliable bail bondsmen in Florida.

What is bail?

The simplest answer is that bail is cash or property–also known as a bond–that a person who has been arrested on suspicion or an accusation of committing a criminal act gives to the court to ensure that they will return to court when ordered or scheduled to appear. Bail bonds are commonly used and are nothing to be ashamed of. Bonds simply help secure the release of a person who has been arrested and is awaiting trial.

The accused, a person acting on the accused's behalf, or a professional bail bond agent will draft a bail bond. This document usually promises that a set sum of money–as determined by the courts–will be surrendered as equal payment of the alleged offense. If the accused appears for all court dates, the bond, such as cash bail, can be returned minus court costs. If the accused fails to return for a trial date, however, the bail will be forfeited and the accused must surrender for arrest.

Bail can be paid with the following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card

A person can also pay a bail in nonmonetary property that is estimated to be of the equivalent amount of the set bail. A bond may be used to guarantee the full payment of bail.

Why is bail needed?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to remind you that the bail system is a part of your constitutional rights, such as your rights to due process. Similarly, you have a right to not be subject to excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment.

The bail system was implemented in our country in order to create a level playing field for individuals who have been arrested for or accused of a criminal act. Bail, therefore, is our justice system's best attempt at ensuring that individuals who have been arrested can remain free until judgments or verdicts are issued in their cases.

With this is mind, bail is needed to ensure that you appear at your court appearances. It is not a "get out of jail free card." Rather, our bail agents can be by your side to ensure that you fulfill your obligation to appear at all court hearings or trial dates after an arrest. We want to assist you in your pursuit of justice!

How does bail work in Florida?

Most county jails in Florida have standard bail schedules from which judges and courts calculate the amount of bail that is to be posted by the arrested individual. The schedule equates a payment amount that is supposed to be fair or consistent with the type of crime committed. People who have been arrested can get out of jail quickly by paying the set amount of bail in full up front.

Bail bonds must be paid with a premium to your bail bond agent. Bail is not "earned," and the process is not completed until you appear at your scheduled court dates. It is only then that a bond can be discharged. Most defendants are unable to post their own bail. That is when our Orange County bail bond agency can come to your rescue! We can help you complete this process successfully and correctly.

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