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Types of Bail Bonds

Osceola County Bail Bond Agency Can Secure Your Release

The purpose of setting bail is to assure the appearance of an individual at judicial proceedings. Bail takes on many forms and can be secured or unsecured. It is important to speak with an experienced Osceola County bail bond agent at 365 Bail Bonds because there are different intricacies and nuances that may affect your case in Florida.

There are two main types of unsecured bail: release on own recognizance and signature bail. Bail can also include types of secured bail, which typically requires a nominal amount of cash that is determined to be sufficient for the crime committed. Secured bail can include cash bail or property bail. Read below to learn more about the types of bail bonds that may be available for your circumstances.

Unsecured Bail or Signature Bond

When a judicial officer imposes an unsecured bail, the accused must sign a bond guaranteeing his or her own appearance at future court dates. If the defendant does not appear, the court will require that the accused must pay the designated amount of money.

Signature bonds hinge completely on the defendant's word - documented by the defendant's signature - that he or she will show up at future court dates. Failure to appear at court will result in a bench warrant and will require that the defendant to pay the full amount of the bail bond.

Release-on-Own-Recognizance Bail

Release-on-own-recognizance bail is also known as "ROR" bail. The judicial officer may release a defendant on his or her own word. The defendant is not required to pay any money but must sign a bond document that guarantees that he or she will appear for future court appearances. Bail refers to the release of the defendant for which the court will take the defendant's word that they will attend all scheduled court appearances.

Secured Bail or Nominal Bail

The defendant must pay the court a designated amount of money or post security in the amount of bail in order to be released from jail. The security can be in the form of cash, money, or property. It must be posted by the defendant or by someone who can post bail on his or her behalf, such as family or friends.

Cash Bail

The defendant, or someone on his or her behalf, must pay the court a designated amount of money in order to be released. The defender and the co-signer, if any, must sign the bond that guarantees the defendant's appearance at future court appearances. Sometimes, the court will accept full amount payments by check or credit card.

Property Bail

Sometimes, a defendant can provide some sort of property or asset to act as a bond. In these cases, the courts obtain a legal claim on the property for the amount of bail. If the defendant does not show up to his or her court appearance, the court can foreclose on the property to recover the bail.

Immigration Bail Bond

If police find that a person is in the U.S. illegally, they may be detained by the INS. Because the immigration bond goes through a number of federal offices, it is often the most expensive type of bond.

Citation Releases

When an officer arrests a suspect for a minor infraction, such as a traffic offense, they may release them immediately with a citation. This is simply a written charge and court appearance information. Most times, no bond is necessary for a citation release.

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